YouTube Master Class – Live Class 5 Days


  • Live Zoom Class
  • How to Start?
  • Setup Your Channel in the Class
  • Learn How to make money from YouTube?

Welcome to 5 Days YouTube Master Class and its a Live Class and it will Live Intaractive Class to Let You Know How You can Start Your Youtube Channel and Start your Earning.

YouTube Master Class Course Content

Youtube Master Class Introduction

  • Lets Discuss & Know What is Your Passion?
  • Download the YouTube Course Workbook

What Hardware You Need?

  • Audio & Microphone Recommendations
  • Lighting Recommendations

Create Your Channel From Scrach

  • Editing and Screencast App Recommendations
  • YouTube Channel Art & Profile Icon
  • Channel Description & Links
  • Favorite & Recommended Channels
  • Customizing Your YouTube Channel Layout
  • Adding a Channel Trailer
  • Channel Status and Verification

Next Level to YouTube Master Class

  • Recommended Export Settings for YouTube
  • Choose a Title
  • Write Your Description
  • Add SEO-Friendly Tags
  • Create a Clickable Thumbnail
  • Engage with Cards and End Screens
  • Putting It All Together with Joyy Bannerjii

YouTube Studio

  • The Dashboard
  • The Videos Page
  • The Comments Page
  • The Transcriptions & Copyright Pages
  • The Monetization Page
  • Playlists on YouTube
  • The Audio Library
  • Settings
  • Advanced Channel Settings, Branding & Upload Defaults

How to Grow Your Channel?

  • Intro to this Section
  • What Should Your Channel Be About?
  • What Types of Videos are Successful?
  • How to Get Discovered on YouTube
  • Case Study: Phil’s Evergreen Strategy
  • How to Get More Subscribers
  • Why Collaboration is One of the BEST Ways to Grow
  • Consistency is Key

Live Streaming

  • What & Why – Livestreaming
  • Going Live via the ‘Camera’ Method
  • Going Live via the ‘Events’ Method
  • Going Live via the ‘Livestream Now’ Method with an External Encoder

Intro to Making Money on YouTube

  • Make Money on YouTube with Ad Revenue
  • Make Money on YouTube with Channel Memberships & Super Chat
  • Make Money on YouTube with Channel Sponsors
  • Make Money on YouTube with Merchandise & Products
  • Make Money on YouTube with Crowdfunding


  • Why You Should Use Analytics
  • Understanding Your Analytics Dashboard
  • The Reach Viewers Tab
  • The Interest Viewers Tab
  • The Build an Audience Tab
  • The Earn Revenue Tab
  • Using Social Blade to Analyze Your (or any other) Channel

Bonus Ways to Make Money from YouTube ( Tips and Tricks)


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