Want To Learn KP Astrology?

The Krishnamurthy Padhdhathi, or KP system as it is popularly known, developed in the 20th century was a markedly different system and the late Sri Krishnamurthy gave a new method of preparing the chart and a new set of rules for prediction.

Want To Book Consultation?

If You have any Questions… You Can Consult us and Book a Consultation for Kundali Matching, Job Related Quires, Marriage Problem,  Relationship Problem we will Analyze Your Chart and Provide You Remedies – Self Remedies or Yantra Remedies or Puja Remedies whatever best for you.

Sun in KP Astrology

Sun is the Most Important Planet in KP Astrology and its a Aatma Karka planet. Transit of Sun is used to do lots of Predictions in KP Astrology and If you want to Learn KP Astrology you can go for Our KP Astrology Course 

Why KP Astrology? Planet Affects Us Directly?

In KP Astrology Not Only Planets affects us Star on which a Particular Planet is Transiting that also give the Strong Affect. This is How Prediction Chnanges and if you want Learn KP Astrology then You can go for Our Course

What is KP Horary Astrology (Prashna Astrlogy) ?

In KP Horary Astrology Moon is the Improtant Planet and when You Ask a Question Moon is the Planet which can Tell and Explain that Question is asked by the Jatak from the Heart or Not.. As Moon is the Karaka for Mind, if you want to Learn KP Astrlogy You can go For Our Course in KP Astrology

Durga Puja Discount Coupon

Durga Puja Discount Coupon - Hello All, Wishing You All very happy and Prosperous Durga Puja. We have Provided a Discount Voucher and You can Use this Coupon only with Horary Astrology Consultation and 1 Use Per User. Its a Prashna Astrology (One Question Answer will...

Learning Astrology in Dwarka in Delhi

Learning Astrology in Dwarka in Delhi

Learning Astrology in Dwarka in Delhi is now easy. We provide Astrology Training in Vedic Astrology and KP Astrology. Basically, we Teach KP Astrology and it’s a mode of Predictive Astrology in India. KP Astrology is a System which is Originated from Ancient Parashari...

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