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Good afternoon Mr. Joy. I understand you are going to start new batch of KP Astrology class from today. Thank you for being an excellent teacher. Your knowledge of subject is beyond comparisons which is not limited to KP, you include Vedic and Lal Qitab while giving solutions which are really excellent.


Astro Vastu Expert

I have a Supper Experince with Joy Sir, he Teach the Subject, so easily anyone can learn Astrology and So Many Intereisting things he shares During the Session and Love All of the Courses which i had So far KP, Lal Kitab and Astro Numerlogy. All the Web Portals are Easy to Access and its 24 by 7, you can learn on Demand, whenever you have time you can jump and start learning. 


IT Consultant

I have an observation to share from the last class. Your students drive you away many times with their personal questions where you provide very simple and easy solutions. This is really helpful at individual level but it distracts some students from main KP learning. 


IT Consultant




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