Vishakha nakshatra is the sixteenth nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras in Vedic astrology. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter and has a symbol of a decorated archway. The nakshatra spans from 20 degrees Libra to 3 degrees 20 minutes in Scorpio.


Driven and ambitious: Vishakha nakshatra individuals possess a strong drive and ambition to succeed in their endeavors. They are determined and focused on achieving their goals. Intellectually sharp: They have a keen intellect and possess the ability to quickly grasp and understand new concepts and ideas. Effective communicators: People born under Vishakha nakshatra excel in communication. They have excellent verbal and written skills, making them persuasive and influential in expressing their thoughts and ideas. Creative and artistic: Vishakha nakshatra natives are naturally creative and possess a talent for artistic expression. They have an appreciation for art, music, and literature, and may excel in these fields. Generous and compassionate: They have a kind and generous nature. They are compassionate towards others and are always willing to lend a helping hand.


Impatience: Vishakha nakshatra individuals can be prone to impatience, desiring quick results. They may become frustrated when things don’t progress as quickly as they would like. Self-centeredness: They can occasionally prioritize their own needs and desires over others, potentially neglecting the feelings and well-being of those around them. Critical nature: People born under Vishakha nakshatra may have a tendency to be overly critical of others, often holding high expectations. They should strive to be more understanding and accepting of differing perspectives. Arrogance: They may exhibit arrogance and overconfidence, believing they have superior knowledge or abilities. It is important for them to remain humble and receptive to others’ insights. Inflexibility: Vishakha nakshatra individuals may struggle with adapting to new situations or ideas. They should work on developing a more open and flexible mindset.


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