Why & How Mercury and Jupiter are Contributors? – One Outlook

Why & How Mercury and Jupiter are Contributors? – One Outlook

Planets Mercury and Jupiter always adds value to the human beings. Jupiter means Guru. Guru meaning in Sanskrit is “dispeller of darkness”. Guru dispels the seeker’s ignorance. Mercury adds value by its intelligence.

Mercury is an outer expression, it may cross limits, hence Jupiter’s wisdom’s rules are necessary to keep buddhi  under  control.  If  the  outer  expression   is   within   the   wisdom   and   within the limits, then only, speech gets value and recognition. Otherwise, it remains as only letters/words, or that person will be called ‘koi pagal’. That’s what some sayings we hear that ‘mind your own business’ ‘keep your words’ ‘manage your language’ etc.

If any person speaks negatively or against the natural laws and does not accept the ruling things, it means his Mercury is in bad condition or alone. Mercury has to be under the influence or purview of the Jupiter or Sun or Venus or any other planet. In many birth charts, Sun + Mercury + Venus will be together or in nearby houses. If Mercury is alone independent his buddhi will contaminate or corrupts and his negativity comes out. Without reasoning logic, knowledge is not possible and without reasoning logic, intelligence is not possible. If intelligence utilizes properly it becomes knowledge. Learning, memorizing, storing, and proper utilization are required to get higher wisdom knowledge.

If Mercury is in right place it will changes lives. If Mercury is afflicted, the direction of life will be disturbed. Hence God has placed Mercury near the Sun and put some compulsions, by this way controls the buddhi keeping him under the purview of the King Sun. In the Solar system, Mercury is the first planet that is very near to the Sun. There is story that Sun is a King, Mercury is a Prince.

The 3rd house’s opposite house is the 9th house. 9th house is 3rd house’s shakti sthana / power giving house, Sagittarius lord Jupiter gives knowledge & wisdom and it keeps under the rules and regulations not to cross limits in his speech. The 6th house’s opposite house is 12th house, 12th house is its Shakthi sthana / power giving house, Pisces lord Jupiter gives knowledge wisdom vision to come out from problems intelligently. Actually, Jupiter and Mercury are against each other like 3rd house against 9th house and 6th house against 12th house, Where, Jupiter is strong, there is no strength to Mercury. Mercury is exalted when he sits in his own sign Virgo.

There are 3 Nakshatra’s ruled by Mercury. Ashelsha in Cancer sign, Jestha in scorpio sign, and Revati in Pieces sign. Here I pick Revati nakshatra for discussion. Revati is 27th nakshatra. Mercury is the dominant planet in this nakshatra. The meaning of Revati is ‘Wealthy’ the native of this nakshatra stay optimistic at all the time.

Persons born in Revati nakshatra are knowledgeable. From their knowledge and intelligence most of the rules of Nature will available to the world. Hence Revati nakshatra is in the last house Pisces i.e, the last 12th house in the kalapurusha kundali. And that person crossed all the houses and all the nakshatras and finally he is in state of “Guru Mind”. Hence if Revati nakshatra activated and if that person speaks the whole people hears and follows him.

If a person stands in the 1st step and speaks, he cannot see full gather, if he stands on the last step – the 12thstep, he can have 360 degree vision. We have to check it, since we are learners and Astrology is a system of learning process and it has its own Research Interpretations. To research the things on our own, just we may observe Revati Nakshatra ascendant or Moon people how they think and speak.

Case study: I have a live example, I know one girl studying final year engineering, quite cool and behaves standardly, well groomed, has patience, very controlled, and tries to solve the clashes. Pisces is her ascendant Nakshatra is Revati, Moon in Rohini, Jupiter and Ketu in the 12th house. Saturn in Aswini 2nd house, Rahu in 6th house, Sun and Venus in Jestha and Mercury in Anuradha in 9th house, when Venus and Mercury in the 9th house Brhamagynana takes place it seems. Venus is also Guru. if So, now we learners have to study all the planets, nakshatras, houses, conjunctions, etc. for better understanding.

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