Which Planet or combination is responsible for Depression and Suicidal Temper in a birth chart?

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Which Planet or combination is responsible for
 Depression and Suicidal Temper in a birth chart?

In Astrology the planet Moon signifies the mind. In the birth chart, if the moon is weak or alone, no planet in the neighbor houses considers natives mind is little disturbed and they feel very aloneness and it influences more in Moon Dasha, antardasha period. Prima facie they appear alright but inside they are suffering from stress disturbances negative thoughts it seems.

In Kalpurush kundali Moon represents the 4th house and it is all about a comfortable house.  In the birth chart 4th house shows his living house, it depicts whether the native is living in a good condition or peace full or disturbed, and afflictions, aspects of other planets are all determining factors.

In the birth chart, Moon represents the mind and Saturn is dullness and apathy. When Moon and Saturn conjoin or aspects, means Moon is disturbed (mind). If this combination is in the 4th house it affects more because the native feels aloneness and tends towards depressive tendency and slowly it leads to mental depression.

If Rahu Ketu with Moon also has the same effect, Rahu leads more to confusion, Ketu leads detachments. If Mars conjoins, Moon is peace, Mars is ready to fight. If Mercury conjoins, Moon is cool, Mercury is an intelligent mind gamer.

Mind is a beautiful servant, but a dangerous master.

If Moon is the subconscious mind, Mercury is the conscious mind. If moon and Mercury are both afflicted, Ashanti, restless hoke frustration mental stress ho ja sakta hi. Many times subconscious mind prevails. What receives by the subconscious mind will play a major role. Moon+Rahu conjunctions disturb the mind, create confusion it leading to mental problem tensions stress. They are doubtful, fearful, feel insecure, and fail to decide things properly.

Rahu is a much-focused planet and it observes things very fast and these things are stored in the inner mind. If the native is in a good environment, observes good things and stores them in the inner mind. If the native is in a negative environment acts like that only, if in a positive environment acts positively.  Observation, learning, environment all play the main role in building the personality. This is like programming the mind. Moon+Rahu gives financial issues, problems in marriage life, no calmness no peace of mind. Moon+Ketu people are very emotional inside. If the moon connects to the 8th 12th houses depression will be more and cannot handle the situations. These are all the impacts of planets. The mind plays a major role everywhere.

If saturn+Rahu in 4,8,12 watery signs more emotional and depression. If in earthy sign 2,6,10, emotional dryness practical, rigidity. If in airy sign 3,7,11, detached nature philosopher. If in fiery sign 1,5,9 native becomes a dictator. May be many karmic reasons for this. Rahu doesn’t know limitations he breaks the rules but Saturn is a limitation rule follower. if this combination connects to 6,8,12  effects will be more.

Life is a mixture of happiness and sorrow. There is no end to human demands. 2nd, 3rd, 11th, 12th houses bring pain, sorrow. 2nd house is a family finance speech. 3rd house is of efforts siblings’ communication, brave. 11th house is for income desire fulfillment achievement. 12th house is for expenditure loss, diseases, hospital, etc. If the life cycle is not according to natives will more pain loss, sorrow, etc are coming from these houses. And more sorrow comes from the 6th, 7th, 8th houses. 6th house is disease enemy wound weapon depression thief, fights arguments court cases fear job, etc. 7th house is for life partners business partners people public, day to day transactions, etc. 8th house is house of death age troubles sudden happenings diseases ancestral property secret works worry loss, etc. 2nd and 7th houses are maraka badhaka houses.

If Rahu and Saturn are in 6th, 8th, 12th or 4th, 8th, 12th house and if afflicted then native suffers mentally. When Rahu with the moon in 8th house and its aspects by the Saturn then the native suffers due to unknown fear.

Aspects of malefic planets trigger such events and it bursts in the bad result or suicidal tendency may affect more.

If in birth chart bad Moon Mercury Saturn’s Dasha bhakti period, this bad effect/ result triggers more. And when this Dasha bhukti changes the native may become normal.

Hence moon and mercury and 4th house and 5th house and its owners are benefic then only the native may lead a stress-free and balanced life.

Family problems work problems or problems from like this covid, job loss, business loss or isolation, etc will influence such birth chart natives.

1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th house combinations period also such depression triggers. for example: if the Dasha planet is showing 6,8.12  and bhukti planet is showing 1,5,9, this person is usually a little depressed stressed disturbed, and during this planet Dasha this mental agony affects more. 6 and 8 say some problems in job or health. 5 and 9 in bhukti show good mind and health, hence 5 and 9 say somehow he can come out from the clutches of depression stress, and ill health. If bhukti is also somewhat the same as dasha, then the improvement of the situation may be bleak or delayed or have to wait for good in the next dash bhukti if.

In the present context young generation is tend to be more towards depression, loss of interest, loneliness, love failures, job loss, business loss, etc., many say this is the effect of kali yuga, parents have to follow and take care of this younger’s all the time. Youngers threaten their parents and manipulate them, despite all these sometimes they somehow disappear from the eyes of their parents. Planets in the horoscope can indicate nature and can tell whether a native is in depression or suicidal tendencies. If such tendencies are there then it is necessary to start working much before he lost control over himself.

Saturn is the significator of natural death, Saturn may give a lot of mental stress, but still, death is going to be natural.

Suicide comes under unnatural death. Rahu and Ketu are very malefic planets, if they are with bad combinations or houses and they trigger extremely bad events, they can influence the native to commit suicide during their planetary periods. Saturn Ketu in 4th house gives troubles in the home environment, in 8th house problems.

Which planets are responsible for Cruelty Nature?

 A murderer is a cruel person. Since, in the earlier yugas we heard in Devi Purana rakshasa Chanda Munda Mahishasura, in Dwapara Yug Kamsa, in Tretayug Ravan, in the history, we heard Adolf Hitler, and like others, they were famous for their brutal acts. There were cruel leaders at all times and ages, but the ruthlessness of these leaders surpass all in human history. Some countries also like disturbing others. Terrorists etc are all come under this category. They all have special birth charts it seems. Moon + Rahu + Saturn, moon+ Ketu, Mars+ Rahu, Mars + Rahu + Saturn are prominent in their charts. Moon + Ketu mental disturbance, virus, like poisonous air, such people kill the people by bomb blasting or by another way. If such people hold any big authority they become more explosive persons. If they have a gun, if get angry then the person standing before them will be blasted.

When Saturn is malefic and is associated with planets causing death or with the lord of the 3rd or the 11 house then Saturn becomes the prime effective maraka to cause death it seems, and Jupiter debilitated in Capricorn.

And in the 12th house, Mars and Ketu conjunction says there will be immense stress around. It may suddenly burst into anger or in any other way. This conjunction largely depends on the dignity of Mars and the condition of the Moon.

Mind and actions should be in the right direction to make any gain out of this conjunction otherwise it can be a stressful combination.

Mars represents willpower. like Rahu, Ketu also illusion planets and the difference is that Ketu is also the one who removes the illusions and brings enlightenment, Besides this, Ketu represents isolation, separation, spirituality, mystical world.

And Mars & Ketu will also rule some houses in the chart and will represent things related to that house. And this conjunction can be interpreted in many ways.

On one side it can give the extreme ability to research and dig deep into things it makes a person courageous and on the other exactly opposite way. Anyhow this conjunction result would largely depend on Moon’s position. Mars is action, Ketu is headless, so sometimes this person can be headless about their acts. If other planets are in a good way, by this conjunction may become good surgeons or research people.

It is necessary to observe and interpret all the planets in the chart. If in the chart, Moon is exalted and is aspects by Saturn, he will be an introvert.

Moon+Saturn= emotions/obstructions.

The 6th, 8th, 12th house/planets are bad. The 8th house says longevity, health. But the 12th house says defects in body and mind. A good astrologer can identify and warn about this depression before this time comes.

Which planets are responsible for depression

The Moon represents the emotional side. The planet Moon gives bad results when afflicted by Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu. It stops the happy moments of life, lack of confidence, insecurity. Poor positioned Moon can cause emotional problems.

Mercury which shows your intelligent and logical side. Sun which shows your confidence

If all these planets are placed in 6,8,12 houses or debilitated, they will produce negative emotions which make you feel depressed.

Any malefic planet like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu are connected with Moon via aspects or via conjoins gives you depression in the Dasha of these planets.

5th house represents the brain and the way a native thinks and takes a decision. 5th house is the house of wisdom, its affliction shows the depression.

4th house is the house of mental peace or peace at home, happiness, and comforts.

If 1st or its owner is afflicted by Saturn Rahu or Ketu,

If 1st 4th 5th lords are in 6th 8th 12th house and afflicted by Saturn Mars Rahu Ketu.

If 6th 8th 12th lords in 1st house and afflicted by them and 4th 5th also afflicted, and if moon Mercury afflicted and if Moon or Mercury with the Sun, it may cause native is under some pressure.

If Moon is in Scorpio and aspects, conjunction or stuck between malefic planets denotes loneliness and depression

If Krishna paksha, Moon is in the 8th house and afflicted by Rahu, etc are all becoming different reasons. While analyzing the chart all these factors will be going to examine by the Astrologer.





Solutions may get for any engineering problems, but life is an art, filled with emotions, very difficult to fix.


Adorned by many – coffee king Sidharth



Last year, it was reported that many TV and Film actors died by suicide.

Dr. Soundarya 30 years (granddaughter of Former CM of Karnataka) allegedly dies by suicide in Bengaluru last week. Her husband is also a doctor. And she had a baby 6 months ago.it reported that she had depression.

If the learned peoples and well-settled peoples do like this, what is to be done by laymen or uneducated or poor people!!!

Every day one or other news highlights in the news channels.

All these people are already achievers, but why do they fail to keep up their achievements? What is the use? Sorrow to their homes, relatives, well-wishers, followers. And they gave irreparable loss and unbearable pain to their family members.

Is, film TV actors needed to be in cinema only, to live to run life. They can flourish in any other area of talent, would have renovated their life in any other way. The bird builds its nest despite several falls, is isn’t it.

That coffee day founder Sidharth would have become Budha, despite going to the river to die, he would have may go to sit under the tree.!!

The lady models/actors would have been with parents or if they marry and can live with husband and children like a queen in the home.

There are many ways to die, there are many ways to live. Which one to choose!!!………  kaash…… !!!!…..     if we have the help of good Moon & Mercury, if we have Jupiter’s blessings, if we have Saturn krupashirvad, if we have Ketu’s statics, if we have Rahu’s desire to live, if we have Venus’s love to live, if we have Mar’s energy enthusiasm, if we have sun’s Deemant Shakti, burning punctuality, confidence, all these need to decide further step.

In the world who is happy? Everyone has his/her problems. The elephant has its own problem and the ant has its problem.

Astrologers or learners of astrology educate the budhi heen, guide them who are like & acts like blind.

Learning of Astrology is the value added to your personality, you will get a prudent mind it improves your thinking capacity and nourishes your attitude.

Advocate’s work, Doctor’s work, Teacher’s work, and Astrologer’s work are all NOBLE PROFESSIONS and GOD’S WORK. Advocate tries to solve arguments clashes raised in life. Doctors try to cure diseases of the body. Teachers try to remove ignorance of the mind by giving knowledge/information. Good Astrologer is a combination of all these Noble Professions. A good Astrologer also tries to find a solution to the problems and guides/counsels him properly with suitable tips & remedies to come out from the situation and can save a life. Good Astrology Teacher is a “Noble Trainer” and creating “Noble Astrologers”.

Humanity is the best degree & best profession irrespective of any educational qualification.

If the body suffers due to cold cough fever etc is called ill health. If any improper way of talk and behavior called mental patient or unsound person. If there is no compatibility between the family members it is called life is not in a good condition and arguments, quarrels for property manhandling in the life is called life is contaminated and life is ill-health life and will be called poor life.

An astrologer can be a good counselor. Astrologers can also help a person to lead a better successful life.

Astrology predictions are like a weather report to be careful, there is a possibility of rain tomorrow, some decides to collect rainwater, some may decide not to go out of the house and someone may decide to have an umbrella. When we know that tomorrow will rain, we make plans and get ready for the situation.

Kundali/birth chart is a theory, Life of a person is fixed via his birth chart. But can make better by knowing events through a birth chart.

Astrology is a better way to understand life events, but it reveals cycles of ups and downs in our lives. Astrology helps in decision-making.  Astrology is like a road map. Astrology is meant to be a useful tool to help & guide you. It is a life management skill like other management skills.

Mercury is the most important planet for success in this era. First, it is necessary to fix the Moon. Most of the person’s struggle within the mind than outside struggles, if they manage intelligently, it amounts to a planetary intelligence. If any person merges Mercury’s intelligence with Jupiter’s knowledge & wisdom and with Moon purified emotions, may get great success in life.

Astrology aims to direct people to live in a certain way. It is knowledge like other subjects. Moreover, Astrology is a divine science.

Lal Kitab, Vedic Parashara, KP Astrology, Numerology, or any other forms of astrology, etc are all mixed and matched based on our past karma and guidelines to the future.  Planets want to tell something…  Astrology is a language, Astrology is also one subject like other subjects…..learn it to make a better future……… yours & others.

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