Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture and design that aims to harmonize the environment with the individual’s energies for improved well-being and prosperity. Personal Vastu focuses on applying Vastu principles to enhance positive energies in an individual’s life. Here are some remedies and tips for Personal Vastu:

North-East Direction:

This direction is considered highly auspicious, and it is associated with prosperity and good health. Keep this area clutter-free and well-lit.

Place a small bowl of fresh water or a small indoor plant in the north-east corner to attract positive energy.

South-West Direction:

This area is associated with stability and strength. Ensure it remains clean and well-organized.

The master bedroom is ideally placed in the south-west direction for better relationships and overall well-being.

Clutter-Free Spaces:

Clutter can obstruct the flow of positive energy. Keep your living and working spaces clean and clutter-free.

Remove unnecessary items, and organize your belongings to allow positive energy to flow freely.

Use of Colors:

Colors can influence our moods and energies. Use soothing colors like light blue, green, or pastel shades for the bedroom to promote relaxation and better sleep.

For the study or workspace, opt for colors like yellow or light orange to enhance focus and creativity.


Avoid placing mirrors directly in front of the bed as it may disrupt sleep and cause restlessness.

Use mirrors in the north or east direction to reflect positive energies into the living spaces.

Natural Light and Ventilation:

Ensure proper natural light and ventilation in all areas of your living or working space.

Natural light brings in positive energy and helps maintain a fresh and vibrant atmosphere.

Sacred Space:

Create a sacred space or altar for meditation and spiritual practices. This can be in the north-east corner of your home.

Keep this area clean and decorate it with items that hold spiritual significance for you.

Plants and Fresh Air:


Indoor plants purify the air and bring positive energy. Consider placing indoor plants like money plants, peace lilies, or bamboo in your home or workspace.

Open windows regularly to allow fresh air to circulate and remove stagnant energy.

Wind Chimes:

Wind chimes can help in dispersing stagnant energy and bringing harmony to the environment.

Place wind chimes in the entrance or near windows where there is a breeze.

Salt Lamp:

Himalayan salt lamps are believed to purify the air and promote a calming atmosphere. Consider placing a salt lamp in your bedroom or living room.

Remember, while Vastu Shastra offers guidelines to create a positive environment, it’s essential to also focus on your thoughts, actions, and attitudes to foster a harmonious and balanced life. These remedies can be implemented as general practices, but consult with a Vastu expert for personalized advice based on your specific living or working space.

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