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Significance of Thursday in the Hindu Panchang

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Significance of Thursday in the Hindu panchang

Thursday, known as “Guruvara” or “Brihaspativar,” holds significant importance in the Hindu Panchang (calendar) and is dedicated to the planet Jupiter, also known as “Guru” in Vedic astrology. The day is revered for its spiritual, astrological, and cultural significance.

Significance of Thursday in Hindu Panchang:

  1. Dedicated to Jupiter (Guru):

Thursday is associated with the planet Jupiter, considered the Guru of Devas (divine beings) in Hindu mythology. Jupiter symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, and benevolence.

  1. Spiritual Practices and Learning:

It is believed that undertaking spiritual practices, prayers, and rituals on Thursdays can invoke the blessings of Jupiter for wisdom, growth, and spiritual evolution.

  1. Auspicious for New Ventures:

Thursday is considered an auspicious day to commence new ventures, start educational pursuits, or undertake important activities, as it’s believed to attract auspicious energies for success and growth.

  1. Festivals and Observances:

Many festivals and rituals are dedicated to Jupiter on Thursdays. Devotees often visit temples, perform pujas (religious rituals), and offer prayers to seek blessings for prosperity and fulfillment.

  1. Guruvara Vrat (Fast):

Observing a fast or vrat on Thursdays is common among devotees, especially those seeking Jupiter’s blessings for wisdom, knowledge, and fulfillment of desires.

  1. Charitable Acts and Generosity:

It’s believed that acts of charity, donations, and helping those in need on Thursdays can attract positive blessings and alleviate negative influences.

Astrological Significance:

  1. Jupiter’s Influence:

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter signifies expansion, growth, fortune, and spirituality. Individuals born with a strong Jupiter influence in their birth chart may exhibit qualities of wisdom, generosity, and optimism.

  1. Impact on Birth Charts:

Thursday’s association with Jupiter influences aspects related to education, wealth, marriage, and children in a person’s birth chart, providing insights into their life’s journey.


Thursday, dedicated to the planet Jupiter, holds immense significance in Hindu Panchang. It’s a day revered for spiritual practices, learning, new beginnings, and seeking blessings for wisdom, growth, and prosperity. Observing rituals, performing acts of charity, and connecting with the divine on Thursdays are considered auspicious for fostering spiritual and material well-being.




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