Dhanishtha nakshatra is the 23rd of the 27 nakshatras in Vedic astrology. It is ruled by the planet Mars and spans from 23.20 degrees in Capricorn to 6.40 degrees in Aquarius. It is symbolized by the drum or the mridanga.


Creativity and innovation: Dhanishtha Nakshatra individuals possess a natural inclination towards creative pursuits. They have a unique and innovative approach to their work and can come up with fresh ideas and solutions.

Charismatic and influential: People born under this nakshatra have a natural charm and charisma that attracts others to them. They have the ability to influence and inspire those around them.

Ambitious and hardworking: Dhanishtha natives are highly ambitious and driven to achieve their goals. They are willing to put in the necessary effort and work hard to make their dreams a reality.

Adaptability and versatility: They have a flexible and adaptable nature, enabling them to thrive in different situations and environments. They can easily adjust to changing circumstances and excel in various fields.

Resourcefulness and problem-solving skills: Dhanishtha individuals are resourceful and adept at finding solutions to challenges and problems. They have a knack for making the most out of any situation.


Arrogance and superiority complex: People born under Dhanishtha Nakshatra may display arrogance and have a sense of superiority over others. They may need to work on being more humble and respectful towards others.

Impulsiveness and hasty decisions: They can be prone to impulsive behavior and may make rash decisions without fully considering the consequences. Developing patience and thoughtful decision-making skills is important.

Stubbornness and resistance to change: Dhanishtha natives can be stubborn and resistant to change. They may struggle to embrace new ideas or perspectives, limiting their growth and adaptability.

Vengefulness and holding grudges: They may have a tendency to hold grudges and seek revenge against those who have wronged them. Letting go of resentments and practicing forgiveness can lead to emotional well-being.

Materialistic tendencies: Dhanishtha individuals may place excessive importance on material possessions and wealth. Balancing their focus on material success with a broader perspective on life’s priorities can lead to greater fulfillment.


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