Poem on Astrology planets


Poem on Astrology planets

Astrology planets in the sky,

Each with its own distinct vibe,

Mercury, Venus, and Mars, Jupiter,

Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, afar.

Mercury, the messenger, swift and quick,

Bringing communication and wit,

Venus, the lover, beauty and grace,

Bringing harmony and charm to our space.


Mars, the warrior, bold and strong,

Bringing passion and action along,

Jupiter, the king, expansive and wise,

Bringing luck and abundance, a prize.


Saturn, the teacher, structured and stern,

Bringing lessons to be learned,

Rahu, the rebel, innovative and free,

Bringing change and breakthroughs we need to see.


Ketu, the dreamer, mystical and deep,

Bringing inspiration and empathy to keep,

Astrology planets in the sky,

A magical world, for us to try.


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