Mother in Astrology

Mother in Astrology

Every year Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May.  This is the day to respect our mothers for the selfless love and abandonment she made to us.

Universal nature has created a Mother in many forms in almost all the creatures. Mother is someone who takes care of and nourishes her children. And she can do anything to save her child.  She gives as much as possible to the child and tries to give beyond her capacity. She gives them the best possible at the cost of her life. She works for children without any expectations and her Love is unconditional.

4th house is our Mother, 4th house is our home, our roots, where we are put and from where we come, all viewed in the concept of “home” and “Mother”. Mother means the nurturing and caring forces that helped our growth, this is not always a literal meaning of Mother But it connects our feelings towards our home, home town, homeland, our Earth, traditions, history, physical home structures, parent relationships, and how we nurture ourselves, this is our “home”, this is our “Mother”. Totally 4th house is our comfort.

4th house represents our mother and the power of the 4th house in our birth chart and the power of the 4th house lord.  5th house is the mother’s Bank balance. The 7th house is the mother’s mother (grandmother). 4th house is the mother’s overall life and mind. 6th house is the mother’s siblings.

Mother represented the Moon in Astrology. The cancer sign is the Moon’s own house. The benefic effects of the Moon show smooth relations with the mother. Moon in the Taurus sign, Moon in its sign Cancer, Beneficial position of Moon in 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th,5th 7th   9th, houses, Moon or lord of 4th house with Jupiter, benefic planets sits in the 4th house. And bad houses are 6th, 8th, 12th houses

Life starts with Mother. Dasha System starts from Moon nakshatra. Education starts with the mother. The birth chart reading starts from the dasha given by Moon. Moon is a main receiving planet, as the moon moves daily over the nakshatras, and the transit also influences our daily life. That’s what we are good in one day and feeling bad on another day or fell ill or will get money/gain/loss/happiness and it affects our emotions. Majorly our feelings and emotions are based on the movement of the Moon over the various Nakshatras on the daily basis.

Everything starts from Mother and Moon, both are associated with care, nurture, wisdom, water, money, and compassion, the word Love is associated with Mother and Moon.  Without water cannot live, life is difficult without love.  Love (focus) towards one or the other thing will be a goal/destiny of life movement. The human body consists of more than 70% of water – which means human being has more than 70% of emotions. No one is available without any emotions, one or the other will follow.

Mother is the first Guru-teacher. Moon is a mind- our mind is our Guru-teacher. Nature is a mother, a natural healing process is a natural tendency of a mother and the process of full moon day naturally spreads the coolest effect. Moon is a mood.

Mother and Moon plays a vital role in our LIFE. The birth chart is a rhythm of our life. Without the 4th house and without Moon no birth chart is framed.  Moon is the main receiver planet from the cosmic space. Moon moving fast like, the mind moving fast.

First half part of life is with the nurture of the Mother/Father. The next half part of life is with the wife/husband as the life companions. Mother is the start and wife is the end. To better nourish, Mother is needed in the first part of life.

And in the next part of life, the wife/husband plays a very important role, if the wife/husband is like our mother/father then the life will be comfortable. That’s what from the 4th house is  4th house i.,e is 7th house bhavat  bhavam does the same 4th house significations. 7th house signifies a spouse- a life partner for the next half-life, who plays the role of Mother and Moon emotions.  And 7th house is a business partner or daily interactions or daily transactions. To run a life comfortably,  our good business or our good daily income is very important. If get a good profit from our business, we will get a happy mind and will be in a happy mood, in this way it connects to our comforts .i,e 4th house, and Moon –mood.

                    Mother’s love
It was heavy rain, I went home in the rain

My brother asked why I didn’t take the umbrella

The sister asked why I didn’t wait until the rain stopped

Dad was sitting there, so wet and you will know how tough is cold, he said

I listened to all of them and went inside

As soon as saw me, Mother brought a towel and wiped my head and

scold to rain, my baby was coming home,

can’t  you wait till my baby reaches home?

Mother’s love is equal to hers only

No one is equal to her

Mother is a

Wheel of Family

Ocean of Knowledge

Mirror of children

Address of Love

Navigator of Lifeboat

My mom, my dear Mom

And every Mom of every child


Moon is a mother, Moon is a mind. If mind is good, stable, clear and undisturbed somehow we can manage our life events/situations. Hence placement of the Planet Moon and 4th house plays very important role in the Birth chart.


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