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Jangal Mei More Nache.. Kisne Dekha

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Jangal Mei More Nache.. Kisne Dekha 


In a society fixated on visibility, where importance frequently rests on being noticed or recognized, there is a deep beauty that emerges when no one is around to witness it. “Jangal mei more nache, kisne dekha” translates to “who saw the peacock dance in the jungle?” and captures the essence of the proverb.

Imagine the sky, a canvas painted in the colors of morning, a masterpiece of colors stretching over the horizon, with not a single person there to take in the breathtaking spectacle. The sun rising is still a sight for human eyes, a natural wonder that is unaffected by the lack of viewers.

Likewise, think of the quiet heroes in our midst—the anonymous Samaritans whose acts of kindness illuminate the world without seeking recognition. Their deeds, though unseen by many, ripple through lives, imprinting hearts with their selfless grace.

Nature, too, is a silent performer of its grandest spectacles in hidden realms. Flowers bloom in solitary glades, their delicate petals unfurling amidst an audience of none. Creatures of the wild engage in their dances and rituals, their beauty and grace undisturbed by prying eyes.

“Jangal mei more nache, kisne dekha” embodies a truth that transcends our need for external validation. It’s a call to embrace the intrinsic worth of moments, experiences, and actions, irrespective of applause or recognition.

This adage serves as a reminder—a whisper to our souls—to cherish the unseen beauty that surrounds us. It’s an invitation to marvel at the extraordinary within the ordinary, to celebrate the beauty of authenticity that exists beyond the spotlight’s glare.

In a world bustling with the pursuit of visibility, let us take a moment to honor the hidden treasures—the sunrise unseen, the kindness unacknowledged, the beauty unnoticed. For in these unseen moments lies a profound magic that speaks to the depths of our souls, reminding us that true beauty transcends the need for an audience, flourishing in the quiet spaces of our hearts and the untouched corners of our world.

blue and green Peacock standing on grass


In the jungle’s heart where none may see,

The peacock dances wild and free.

Its vibrant plumes, a vivid hue,

Unfurl in beauty, known to few.


The sunrise paints the sky aglow,

Yet not a soul to watch it grow.

Its colors blend, a masterpiece,

A sight unseen, its grace released.


Anonymous acts, a kindness pure,

Illuminate hearts, souls endure.

In silent deeds, unseen they thrive,

Touching lives to keep hope alive.


Nature’s secrets, hidden away,

In lonely glades, where flowers sway.

Their beauty blooms without a gaze,

A symphony in quiet ways.


“Who saw the peacock dance?” they ask,

A truth profound in every task.

For in the unseen, beauty lies,

A gentle grace that never dies.


In hidden moments, beauty’s art,

Unseen by most, yet in each heart.

A whispered truth, a silent plea,

Embrace the unseen, feel, and see.


For in the depths where shadows play,

The unseen beauty finds its way.

A quiet magic, pure and true,

Exists in me, exists in you.




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