How do I learn Successfully KP Astrology MegaBundle classes?

How do I learn Successfully KP Astrology MegaBundle classes?

Dear friends, REALLY it was a big adventure for me.

Somehow, one day, I realized that I am not attending the KP Astrology Megabundle classes properly, so I decided to study as I was preparing for exams.

    *First I decided somehow I have to study all these classes within three months.
    *Secondly, I tried hard to commit this decision.
    *Thirdly, I Planned ….. How?

Jab koi tamanna ho, kuch naya seekhneka, tab aisa kuch chota chota adventures hum kar sakte hi.

I was eagerly looking for Astrology knowledge to learn more in Megabundle as it has stuff with:

   # The mega bundle is like a treasury, it contains many folds of lecturers on KP Astrology 
   # KP Astrology Mega bundle includes several years’ expertise of  Sir Acharya Joy Banerjee
   # Knowledge of the latest technology in the learning aree
   # Excellent way of teaching explanations and doubt clearance skills
   # A passion to learn and to increase knowledge and skills

If all these opportunities are available, then no need to wait.   So I decided, committed, and attend & learned.

How do I execute this learning process?

I took  Asianet broadband connection for uninterrupted of the internet (monthly 300GB),  managed my household works (as I am a homemaker, for homemakers no fixed time of work).  I scheduled some works to do later, arranged one undisturbed place, arranged one helper for household work for a few months. 

How do I study and learn classes?

Every day after cooking and other house monitor work, I used to sit in one place which arranged for this purpose. Sometimes due to some work, I used big speakers with loud volume so I can hear from where I am.  First I like to learn Vedic classes because basic knowledge is very much essential to understand advanced classes. Initially, I was troubled with some Hindi words, and I checked those words in Google to understand them better. To learn some explanations, some sentences which sir said I used to reverse back the class and hear 2-3 times for remembering that. And I have noted down nearly 500 pages notes some points. Sir runs the classes more than hours sometimes more than 2 hours, and one particular class duration is 6 hours.

Book writer works hard to write a book, every book is a hard work of writer and hard work of publisher, hard work of book designer, hard work of reader also!!

Like this every class is a hard work of the teacher, students ko Padhana is not so easy, padhane mei mehant lagti hi. Padne wale bhi kuch hard work kare padne ko, seekhne ko. Jab student’s acchi tarah seekhte hi tou teacher will be happy, hum seekhte hi to vahi hamara Gurudakshina hota hi, purchased paisa nahi. paisa kaise bhi kharch ho jata hi, magar jnan- knowledge forever hamara paas hi reheta hi. 

What do I have a Plan?

I have planned to watch particularly same topic class from all products, to authorize on and if possible to write it on my own words. Like one by one other topic also. My Lagna lord is sitting in the 2nd house so probably I may write on finance. I have observed my writing activity that, I have written one or the other way only on earning or money matters. And Mercury is also sitting in the same house. 2nd house is for speech also. Writing is also another form of speech do u agree?

What do I feel

I feel basic information is very much essential, like basic food cloth shelter, like a foundation to a building. The basic knowledge of the Nine Planets, Twelve Rashis, Twelve Houses are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT !!!!! IT IS THE GRAMMER of KP Astrology, Vedic, Lal Kitab, and Numerology, Astro Vastu, or any other form of astrology. So we have to learn its karakatvas and mix and match prediction ideas. This will help a lot for further studies and can understand advanced applications. And I feel it is very necessary some time to reverse backward and hear the class once again to learn properly and to remember. 

What do I opine about the website and Mega bundle?

I feel good to get in, in It is really like a hidden treasure with so many jewels whichever we want we can buy, It is a new concept as I have observed that purchasing the digital classes and we access for a lifetime!!!

Amazing idea of creator Acharya Sri Joy Banerji. Arranged well, colorful, systematic, whenever we need we will get. All the time, classes wait for us, as Guru waits for students.   Yes… this is kaliyug… early students wait for Guru… now Guru waits…

Guru is more intelligent than a student hence prepared a variety of classes and kept ready for students, as soon as a student gets hungry for knowledge can come and take food.

This learning is more beneficial to youngsters… they can utilize and makeover their life… and for better future life. Elders can improve their life and can guide their children. Knowledge of Astrology is our ancient Property we have to preserve and pass on to our next generation. Astrology is a management tool, our younger generation has to make use of it.

Once we join the classes but ‘get access option’ is available for a lifetime. It means… you will always back up with teacher=Jupiter …the highest blessings…. just if he is behind you is more than enough. The Student/learner is zero…zero gets value when any number is in its back, then only zero gets value… that backup number is called GURU…….Guru is Jupiter…Jupiter is space. .. Jupiter is often associated with good fortune, success, luck, and wealth. This is the value of Jupiter… Guru ke pass koi na koi solutions raheta hi…it helps to move forward in life.

 (I have another article …on why Mercury should be with another planet?. If I write here, it takes another 3-4 pages.. Hence I drop that here… and I have written one Poem also on the Planets Mercury-Jupiter. In future, if anybody asks, I will give).

All Classes are excellent…Joy Sir is an excellent coach with…high level of patience to teach. Moreover, he is a technical person IT consultant Engineer, advanced, he knows well how to utilize this modern technology…. a rare blend of engineer mind + astrology mind. Doubt clearance way is awesome… classes are more than one hour and more than two hours…. High density… sometimes it takes more time to hear completely…. Sometimes I feel we are not meeting that speed frequency of learning as much as the speed frequency of classes. So here Concentration is more important. We can learn classes part by part also according to our available time.

And I feel it is the best opportunity for us to learn about the technical world also …Jaise online….internet….computer… zoom classes. Digitally fees send Karna.. e sab knowledge
tou Aaj Kal bahut jaruuri hi na…

And all the times this Mega bundle update hota raheta hi.. And we cannot lose any way…because it is in the space-internet … actually Joy Sir spends money to preserve it properly year to year.. but we are not paying that cost.  We invest one time and we possess this knowledge for a lifetime.

How to apply this learning? 

First, we have to prepare our own birth chart and our close family member’s birth charts, and our relative’s and friends’ birth charts. First We have to apply and experiment with our learning on our own birth chart and later on our family members’ charts. Because we know ourselves and our family members well. It works PAKKA and it helps us to learn things. Yaa…. Sure… if you don’t believe ….. Test it…. Later like this way, you apply on the birth charts of  your known relatives or friends. And later you can work on other charts. And later you can start your consultancy full time or part-time and start earning money and happiness. Happiness is a by-product that is in our hands. If you earn one thing another thing is free milta hi. Buy one get one policy.

In our family one fellow is Aries Lagna with Mars… he acts like Mars a senadhipati strict, discipline, time punctual, aggressive, suddenly angry. And another one is Gemini Lagna with Moon and Mercury… is intelligent, calculative, and sometimes solves problems in minutes, manages many folds works at a time, always talks on mobile, many friends, public relations more.   

Like this, you start prediction and try to understand your family members and if possible adjust accordingly with some changes. This is a good remedy instead of blaming them or ourselves.

What is my observation in my Birth chart?

The raising house is Libra, Lord Venus is sitting in 2nd house Scorpio with Mercury, Sun, Mars. 2nd house karkatvas, Scorpio karakatva, Sun, Mercury, and Mars karakatvas and their placements in particular nakshatras karakatvas are prominent.  Ketu in Sagittarius 3rd house, in KP, kundali it signifying 2,3,5… more than 3 brothers, Mars is brother, if Ketu connects more than 3 applies, as Sir explained in the class, yes more than 3 houses also, Hamara Ghar 3 floor.  Mercury is their so multiple properties, business area. Mars represents Zameen yes… 2nd house from parents, land, farmland… khetibari…growing grains coconut, etc… and the second house is Scorpio is a hidden or closed-house… I am always in-home or in the farmhouse ….not going out of the compound… always under the protection …I am like a one-man army… a jack of many but presently not doing any major work…because of the impacts of some other planets limitations and impacts… but still I am very much busy all the time due to Mars activeness….Moon is in Mars nakshatra. I don’t like to do homemakers’ work. I like, as soon as I get up in the morning, want to read-write, do some administrative work. I like most to write, read, administrative work, executive work, advisory work, mentor work, etc But what to do!!!!!! that is a limitation! Maybe I have not brought that from my past life….. yes is the correction I have to learn in this life… maybe I had not attended household work properly in my past life…

Like this we have to analyse the chart……and if you do this successfully, you can earn the capacity of prediction….practice makes perfect. We are not practicing… this is the problem for us… everything requires commitment…

As soon as I entered Mercury Dasha  I entered the world of Astrology. Rahu is in Gemini in Jupiter nakshatra….Rahu is extreme & expanding both the way … Gemini owner Mercury…Jupiter…Mars…Rahu…Rashi … so various karakatvas.. More extremes of good bad both. Due to Saturn in Kendra house more influence and limitations also.

9th house is a long-distance journey….or foreign or long distance or different land…Hence I connected to duuuuurka Dwaraka…. Delhi….the capital city of India…(this is also another story…it takes 1-2 pages so I am not writing here now.)

11th house is of friends. So I am with you all in the group… so many friends from duur duur ki gaav se..(9th house).  Because of Mercury, I have too many books… but I cannot arrange it properly all the time due to Rahu…   These things say work on it, manage the things …, etc, etc = this is the purpose of learning Astrology.

Like this way you analyse your birth chart, this is the perfect starting way to learn astrology. And have a habit of reading books.

The birth chart is based on past karma, demystifying and decoding it, is the best solution. So learn the language
of Stars and learn to manage life.

After all What is Astrology?

It is just a mathematical calculation of Planets, Houses, Rashis, and Nakshatra….permutation and combination….adding, subtracting, dividing, and at the last, what remains, that is the result…

The planet Moon is important….Moon is mind…mind is the starting point for everything. (this also demand more to write here but it takes 1-2 pages.. so I dropped)

Moon is Mind …How other planets influence our mind? Sun influence on our self esteem, Moon on our emotions, Mars on our courage, Mercury on our intelligence, Jupiter on our higher wisdom, Venus on our love & luxury, Saturn on our work, Rahu on our attachments, Ketu on our detachments.

What are Tips to learn the KP Astrology Mega bundle!!

Be a child, forget your age. like school-going child kuch kuch bihat Karo, Baar Baar remember Karo, 2-3 baar classes suno, kuch notes likhake  rakho… offline padne keliye.. For some time you be like a schoolchild… and feel the difference of learning… Yes…….start up…

This is not just a story, not just an article, not just a blog, or piece of paper… isme my experience hi that here I have shared……isme motivation hi, personality development hi… how to read and learn astrology hi… how to write ke liye model hi… kuch solutions hi….kuch directions hi…. hi na friends…

Concept     –  by me
Production –  by me
Direction    – by me
Designed    – by me
Prepared     – by me

I have learned all these from Joy Sirs’ 30 days blogging training class and KP Astrology MegaBundle.

Thank You very much for taking your valuable time to read this How I successfully completed the KP Astrology Mega Bundle classes.




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