Do you know, which planets are friends to Astrologer?

Do you know, which planets are friends to Astrologer?

Astrologically, the planets control and operate everything,…life events… from our past birth, present birth, and next birth…

But which Planets manage Astrology itself?
It is Jupiter and Mercury

Jupiter represents – knowledge, wisdom, truth, reliability, and trust.

Mercury represents logical thinking, intelligence, quick decision making, collecting of information, calculating skills, memory, and communications.

To be a good Astrologer…  First of all, need to learn and collect huge more information, knowledge, and wisdom and then apply logical thinking as to which information is useful and which is junk. Apply useful information in practice with your intellect, use quick decision making, be a good calculator between numbers of houses and use your memory to recall if you had seen any other horoscope which is similar to the one you are reading. So, the Planets Jupiter and Mercury’s karakatvas are very important to the Astrologer.



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