Added New KP Astrology Class

Hello, Members.. I have added new Classes in KP Astrology and now we will also going add a Question and Answer Session and this time i have got some questions from one of Our Member and i will Create a Video with Answers to the Questions

For finding significators we need to consider below items

  1. Placement of planet
  2. House owned by the planet.
  3. Placement of Star lord
  4. Houses owned by Star lord.
  5. Starlord of star lord placement and ownership.

Do we also consider sign lords and sub lords?

September 23, 2019

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  1. Mrs. Mukul Srivastava

    Good Morning, Sir !
    I have been able to log in. I am not able to see the video !
    Please guide.

  2. bharti.singh Singh

    Hello sir,
    I’m unable to access my course recordings. Please help .
    Thanks and best regards,
    Bharti Singh.

  3. Dear Admins can’t access through username and password….kindly guide

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