Result of Rahu in 1st house of chart

To check the Result of Rahu in 1st house of chart we need to know the First Bhava Significations as well, the First house of the chart is considered Ascendant. Rahu generally gives good result in the first house. If placed in a good sign, Rahu can give wealth unexpectedly. Rahu indicates cleverness and wit. Though such a person may be short-tempered but he will be intelligent with a sharp mind and will achieve a higher position in his profession through his own efforts and ideas. The Early part of life may be full of obstacles but the native will make full use of his efforts. He would like to enjoy the worldly pleasures. He has a lust for materialist life. If he fails to achieve in life, he is intelligent enough to enjoy other’s wealth. He will be wealthy and commanding. First house indicates an identity of self. Rahu in a first house always creates an obsession for self. A person is self-centered and selfish to achieve his goals. He cannot bear criticism and makes his own way to prove his identity. They are generally not affectionate. They enjoy the later part of life to the fullest

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First house also indicates health. If afflicted, Rahu creates diseases related to upper part of the body. The person may have a weak constitution.

The attitude of self-centeredness may also cause problems in married life. His non-cooperative and dominant nature may cause married life problems. The presence of Ketu in seventh house will add to the miseries if afflicted. Married life may not be satisfactory though it may appear to be normal to others.

Rahu may give favourable results when placed in Aries or Cancer.

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Lal Kitab remedy for Rahu in first house:

The person who has Rahu placed in the first house of horoscope should not accept electrical or electronic items from in-laws.

Donations for Rahu

Native with Rahu in first house can be benefitted by donating copper, black sesame for black leather items on every Saturday.

Mantra of Rahu

Durga Mantra is said to be the best mantra to ward off malefic results of Rahu. Beej Mantra is “OM BHRAM BHREEM BHROM SAH RAHVE NAMAH”

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Yantra of Rahu

This Yantra engraved on copper or bhojpatra should be worshipped daily, for Yantra Remedies its important its done correctly.


Note: This Yantra Need to Created in Correct Texture and Size and Its need to make its Mantra Siddhi which takes around 3 Months Time.

For Remedies, You Can Contact Astrologer Joy Banerjee


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