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We believe in Remedies that Works and Give Results and work for you. Vedic Astro has a dedicated Fire Lab and Remedy Center in Delhi NCR, India. This is operational seven days a week and is housed on the second floor. Other products and services team, as well as Vedic astrology consultation team, is also functional from this location. There is a total of four fire pits, out of which two are in the rooftop outdoor area and are well protected. From here, the priests perform numerous fire labs for global Vedic Astro members every single day of the week. Rituals for the Nine Planets are performed for the benefit of our subscribed members at the Temple. Special poojas and other ceremonies are also conducted for global Vedic Astro members throughout the day.

Our Team

The team consists of highly specialised, full-time Vedic Astrologers Experts who are experts in performing authentic Vedic Rituals. They articulately chant the relevant mantras and also perform rituals skillfully as required. They are ably supported by office staff who do the ground work and are responsible all the arrangements for the fire lab. Offerings for the fire ritual are prepared by us to ensure the highest level of traditional adherence. For Special requirements like Pratyangira Homa and Chandi Homa, we enlist the eminent priests on consultancy and conduct the Fire Lab., as propounded in the Vedas. Specialised homas, such as Pratyangira and Chandi, require the priests to have initiation into specific mantras and understanding of the rituals. Priests are not gurus. They are trained only to do rituals. Just because he gives Sanskrit mantras, does not mean that he is capable of initiating people. Falling at the feet of priests is discouraged.

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