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Vedic-Astro.in Magazine April 2021 This is a Astrological Magazine and we are doing Launch Every Month and its a May 2021 Launch were you can get Information About Planet Mars.

We are going to cover the Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology, Lal Kitab and Many other form of Astrology and Astrology Learners will be Happy to Learn and Enjoy

Vedic-Astro.in MagazineIn this Magazine we will share information regarding Astrology, and we would like to cover all aspects of Astrology.
•KP Astrology
•Lal Kitab
•Astro Vastu
Learning astrology is easy when Experienced people share their experience with others to build better astrological Community.
We are Teaching and making people well equipped with the Power of Astrology and Near Future we also want set up a platform were our students can make their own presence as an Astrologer.
Our Magazine for people who want to know about astrology and learn new things from our panel of Astrologers and Writers who are willing to share their knowledge.

Founder of Vedic-Astro.in

Thanks message from the Founder of Vedic-Astro.in
Acharya Joyy Bannerjii, I would like to welcome you all in this platform, you have become our member and now you are a part of our readers community and you will learn about astrology and most of the articles are reviewed by Me and Our Few of Reputed Panellist so that we do not produce any wrong information in the Magazine.
Still Astrology is a Devine Science, and everyone is going to share their own experience which may differ with some other peoples. But we need to respect the knowledge of a writer and I always ask people to test the rules which people share and if they work for you, then you can adapt and if you see it is not working do not use it.
Astrology is a On Going Learning Process, so everyone is learning, and no one is perfect. Best of Luck in your Journey.
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