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True Astrology Software for KP Astrology True Astrology Software is a state-of-the-art astrology software package for Windows on a PC. True Astrology Software is user friendly calculation software, designed for both novice and expert astrologers, and it is easy-to-use for high-quality chart production using the Windows visual interface. This software has been developed primarily for the students’ of Mr. S. P. Khullar, who has developed the cuspal interlinks theory. The software incorporates most of basics of Indian Astrology.

True Astrology Software for KP Astrology System Requirement

  • An IBM-compatible PC with a Pentium IV or higher processor – 2GB or higher RAM
  • A hard disk drive with at least 4 Gb of free disk space
  • Screen Resolution
  • True Astrology Software is optimized to run on SVGA (1280×768) monitor and adapter with True Color.

Salient Features of True Astrology Software for KP Astrology

  • Casting of Natal Charts – North, South and Western wheel using standard time & LMT
  • Edit Birth Time
  • Horary charts for Numbers 1-249 & 1-2193 – North, South and Western wheel
  • Instant Time Chart (Instant Prashna Chart) – North, South and Western wheel
  • Rahu/Ketu and other planet Ascendant Chart
  • Save Charts in specific Categories
  • Add/Delete Category
  • Edit Latitude & Longitude of a place
  • Add/Edit/Delete Place
  • KP Ayanamsha (Old & New)
  • Khullar, Lahiri, Raman, and many other Ayanamsha
  • Support for Mr. S.P. Khullar’s Sub- Sub & Cuspal Inter Links theory
  • Tables of KP Significators
  • Planetary and Cuspal positions up to Sub-Sub Lords
  • Cuspal Interlinks table
  • Select House System from Placidus, Koch, Porphyrius, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Equal, Vehlow Equal, Axial rotation, Azimuthal, Polich/Page (Topocentric system), Alcabitus, Morinus
  • Chart Calculations with Ascendant at Start of Cusp or at Mid-Point of Cusp
  • Date wise Transit Chart for a given Place
  • Eclipse Search
  • Ephemeris
  • Harmonic and Age Harmonic Western Wheels with Bi-Chart and Tri-Chart
  • Solar Eclipse Western wheels
  • Date wise Dasa Search
  • Vimsottari Dasa up to Prana
  • Date range: 01/01/1801 to 31/12/5397
  • Database of over 11,100 cities all over the world with coordinates and time zones
  • Reference Topics
  • Date Calculator, Degree Calculator & Ghati-Vighati Calculator
  • Ayanamsha Calculator & Sidereal Time Calculator
  • New condensed one page report
  • Select to Include Outer Planets (Neptune, Pluto & Uranus) planets
  • Horizontal/Vertical window tiling for convenient comparison
  • Geocentric Correction
  • True/Mean Rahu/ Ketu Position
  • Backup/Restore utility
  • Daily Lagna Transits
  • Zodiac Point Calculator
  • Ruling Planets
  • Horoscope matching for marriage based on KP Dasavidha Poruthams and Guna Milap
  • Transit Locator
  • Dates of Retrogression of Planets
  • Solar and Lunar Return Western Wheels with Bi-Chart and Tri-Chart
  • Progressions and Directions Western Wheels with Bi-Chart and Tri-Chart
  • Perfection Annual Western Wheels with Bi-Chart and Tri-Chart
    Cuspal and Planetary tables with Western Single Charts
  • Storing of Life Events
  • Display of current Date and Time in toolbar
  • Rotate chart to any cusp
  • Panchang
  • Luminaries Rising/ Setting Times
  • Primary and Supporting Cusps for Specific events
  • Planetary Strength – Vimsopak Bal, ShadBal and ishta/Kashta Phal
  • Hora
  • Ashtak Varga
  • Notepad to save & Edit Remarks of Charts
  • View Sub & Sub-Sub Tables
  • Vedic Progression of Dasa Lord, Band Lord and all Planets
  • Vedic progression Date finder
  • Vimsottary Dasa Progressed Position
  • Hourly Khullar Ayanamsa
  • Shodash Vargas (16 varga Charts)
  • Ashtottary, Kalchakra and other Dashas
  • Aspects
  • Reports: – Print, Preview and export to PDF options
  1. – Full Kundali (Select Pages to Print) includes Sudarshan Chakra and Sarva Chancha Chakra
  2. – Dasha For any period
  3. – Single page Chart with Print, Preview and export to PDF/Word options


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