Nakshetra Rahasya

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Nakshetra Rahasya is a workshop which will help you make your life easy to understand HOW & WHEN to start your important tasks.

📚 IN ɴᴀᴋsʜᴇᴛʀᴀ ʀᴀʜᴀsʏᴀ you’ll learn the following things for which you don’t need to have the basic knowledge of astrology

All you need is to have a PANCHANG with you and we will teach you the way to read the PANCHANG in few minutes which is very easy.

🌹 Types of Nakshetra.
🎄 Types of Nakshetra according to their aspects.
🍂 Mainly – 3 major types of Nakshetra.
🌳 Sangyaa of Nakshetra.
🍁 Effect Of the Janma Nakshetra of your child on you or on your family.
🌿 What types of works / tasks can be done in every particular Nakshetra.
🌱 Rules Of Muhurat according to the Nakshetra

• Muhurat for Naamkaran
• Muhurat for Moondan
• First day of the school of your child
• Engagement
• Marriage
• Opening new shop
• Start a new big business
• Start a job
• File a law suit (court case)
• To gain Mantra Sidhhi
• For conceiving a child
• Griha Pravesh (enter in your new home)


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