Learn Akashic Reading

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AKASHIC comes from our Ancient word Akash, it is a vibrational library of all our past lives, they are like our soul stories in cosmic computer.

When we have repeated patterns of failures, relationship issues, financial setbacks and many similar challenges we can understand where these patterns are coming from by accessing the Akashic records.

This workshop has been carefully designed by Preeti Joshi, this workshop has been designed in three levels which explain in detail and practically take you through reading of Akashic records.

This a purely a healing modality and not a prediction modality.

What would you learn in these three levels

  1. Introduction to Metaphysics
    • Vibrations
    • Frequency – Brain Waves
    • Awareness – What does your Energy
    • Communicate
  2. Universe and Universal Beings
  3. Hierarchy of Divine Beings
  4. The Tree of Life
  5. Clair’s
  6. Chakra’s
  7. All about Akashic records
  8. Connecting to Akashic records through Chakras
  9. How to place our questions to access Akashic records
  10. Practicals to retrieve our Akashic records
  11. Healing through Akashic records
  12. Heal Your current Akashic records of this life



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