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if you are looking for KP Astrology Course in Delh, or KP Astrology Online Course? If you are looking for a course on KP Astrology, which is easy to understand and Complete information on KP Astrology, then you are at right place. My Name is Joyy Bannerjii (Acharya) and i have more than 20 Years of Teaching experince and i would like to explain you about KP Astrology.

I have taughted lots of students (6000+ Students) in KP Astrology and i have also created my own rules as well which can be used for refined predictions in KP Astrology. I have wriiten a Book on KP Astrology Nammed as KP Rulebook its one of the best sessling book in KP Astrology by Joyy Bannerjii.

What is KP Astrology?

KP Astrology its astrology system which is derived from Vedic Jyotish & Western Astrology. Late Shri KS Krishnamurthy Ji, has done very good invention were he has used the system of 9 division on Nakshtra which is well known in Vedic Astrology as Navamsha. Great Guruji has divided the Nakshtra in 9 unequal division which is derived as Sub lord. This Sub Lord is responsible for predicting each and every event of your life. Which is commonly know as Promsise in KP Astrology.

What are the Pre-Requsites of KP Astrology Course?

its a common problem of many people and teachers who missguide people that its a form of astrology which needs some basic understanding before you want to learn KP Astrology. But if you learn from us Vedic-Astro.IN. We always teach people from starting and i have seen many new people have perfomed very well and better than people who already have knowledge in Astrology. So dont worry just start learning KP Astrology you are in safe hands.

Now i would like let you know courses which i have taughted so far in KP Astrology.

  • Basic KP Astrology Course
  • Advance KP Astrology Course
  • Rulling Planet Course in KP Astrology
  • KP Muhurta Course
  • KP Horary Course
  • KP Astrology Kundli Matching
  • KP Astrology Health and Remedial Factors
  • KP Astrology Finance and Money Matters
  • In Combination of All i have created a Pakcage which loved by lots of Students which is KP Megabundle.
  • To Explore each KP Astrology separatly to know more details on them.

I have worked closely with KP Astrology from several years now and i have very good exprince with KP Astrology. I would like to share some of my reviews which students has shared.

Video Reviews on Joyy Bannerjii Astrology Courses and KP Astrology


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