Let’s talk About First House of KP Astrology 1st House is very important in Our Chart – from the First House we can check Multiple things which I will cover in the Course but here I would like to share some rules which can help you understand about the KP Astrology.

First I would like to Pray to My Guru and Take his Blessings and then I will move forward with this Article to make you Understand About the First House in KP Astrology.

We Must Know About the System of KP Before we jump into the Real Topic of KP System – It works with 9 subdivision of Rashi and Further its divided into another 9 Parts… that means we always need to see Planet Sits in which Nakshatra and then its influenced by which Sub Lord.

Sub Lord is the Main key of the Planet, but to make understand the exact magic of these planets and their roles we will discuss it in the Course which has all stuff inside…

1st House in KP Astrology Free

Is YourSelf (Fame) and it indicates your Health and many other things like Head/ Brain. it also represents General Condition of the Head.

If we need to See the Longevity of the Native – If Sub Lord of 1st House Cups signifies the Badhak and Marak Houses then Native as Short Life ( There are Several Other Aspects need to checked before we come to any conclusion)

Badhak Houses are 2,7
Marraka House for Movable Houses is 11
Marraka House for Fixed Sign House is 9
Marraka House for Dual Sign its 7 ( it’s also a Badhak)

if it signifies 1, 5,9,10 along with 3 & 8 promised long life. But we need to consider the above Badhaka and Marraka Houses for specific Houses.

To check the Sickly Native – Then Sub Lord of 1st House is in the Nakshatra of 6th House and then Native will be sickly and Dasha of the Planet also signify 1 and 6 Houses then again Native will sick for that Period.

If we want to know the Name and Fame of the Jataka then we need to check the Connection of 1st House Sub lord must create some connection with 10th House and Planet provide the exact Details of the exact position of that Native.

But we must know about Tatva of Rashis and Planets to Understand the Native as Rashis are Divided into below Tatva

Fire Rashi : 1, 5, 9
Water Rashi : 4, 8, 12
Earth Rashi : 2, 6, 10
Air Rashi : 3, 7, 11

These Tatva’s will Help us to Understand the Person Properly – We can not neglect the Basic Rules of Vedic Jyotish, but KP Astrology is correct Science and it gives correct Results and there is no If or But about the Event.

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