To understand about 7th House and Effects of Different planets in the 7th house this blog post going to give you a good understanding and if you have any question you can post in the comments section will happy to assist with your queries.

In the seventh house, it is the best to have no planets, because every planet would produce different mental projection in connection to love relationships.

Effects of Different planets in the 7th house

Mercury in a 7th country would make a person include their loved ones in their daily business, would communicate often with each other etc.

If the Sun is in the 7th house person could get an egoistic partner, selfish person that would result in frequent marital conflicts. Other people, especially at younger ages will want to dominate you and poke at your inner weaknesses.

Saturn in 7th house – marriage and stable/wage work shall become a necessity. Stable and well-paid career for both partners would keep the marriage safe and long lasting, If on the other hand, the career is doing poorly, and financial situation unstable, their marriage subsequently deteriorates, leading into a sense of a lack of security. If the person is immature for marriage or younger than 30 this could lead to possible break-up due to that lack of stability and security.

In case you have Saturn in connection with Venera or 7th house, I’d recommend to everyone stepping into marriage pre-30 years, to already at least one of you have secured career which is stable and well paid. For the most part, it won’t come too early marriage (30-36 years), unless planetary periods do not show up earlier, as is the case with people secured before that age. Usually, spouses will be of different age and more mature. That marriage would need; discipline, organisation skills, structure, everything will be in the routine, and most conversations will be about job and work.

Mars in 7th house. This is no good. Mars represents sports, competition, physicality, battle and war… etc. This means in most cases conflicts, and possible physical fighting and constant competition, each would strive to dominate another. In a case of Venera in 7th house, it can also be a problem because that person would need other people to give them approval in order to reach bliss and pleasure. Can be addicted to love, to share everything with the spouse, both material, lust and time, would immensely enjoy in hedonistic style their time spent together. Men would not be truly happy if they are not able to constantly satisfy his woman.

Rahu in 7th house; a person shall never find satisfactory love affair and relationship – always would want more and more, to the point of obsession. Venera in bad dignity or Lord is in 7th house, the person would often cheat their partner due to their dissatisfaction in the relationship.

If its Ketu, person will never be able to truly understand wishes and whims of their partners and will never find true harmony in marriage. They will always produce drama over little things and fight for something which is misunderstood. Ketu is 7th house, IMO, is the worst for marriage and would be advisable for people with Ketu in 7th house to carefully select their partners and try living together before truly marrying. Constant pickering and demanding answers, envy and jealousy make them overly intrusive and later irritating because they are unable to sense the needs of their loved one.

You always have to look at aspects, conjunctions, lord of 7th house, Venus and women of Jupiter because they are Karaka (they represent 7th house)…so I am just writing this in abstract, general terms and you must know how to apply it to your specific situation. For example, Ketu can bring a fitting spiritual and soul partner from last lives because Ketu represents past-Karma.

Jupiter in 7th house. Jupiter is essentially benevolent planet. It represents growth, optimism, spirituality, philosophy, wisdom. Your loved one usually ends up as your teacher as well. After all, there is also a problem, and that is the fact that Jupiter is losing direct strength. It happens that your knowledge depends on others. Jupiter in 1st house in his nature is the Teacher where he represents you, while in 7th house, you’re a Student, it represents others.

For the Moon in 7th house person will find pretty emotive and connective partner But if he is attacked by some Malefic impact person will be pretty stressful or partner will have mental problems such as anxiety and constant worry.

Rulers are very important and that is which is ought to be first to be looked at when assessing the 7 house, and Karake (women of Jupiter). and Venera. Rulers for the most part show what is concretely happening to your houses without your direct impact or choice. While planets in 7th houses just transmit their energy which is connected to things that planet represents. Wherever Ruler resides in the House, he will swap stuff from the house he rules over to the house in which he resides.

For example; 7th Lord in 6th house represents divorces and enemies, and it is in the 12th (lost) relative to the 7th house and this leads to divorces due to transmittance of negative energy over which you have no free will. When there is a lot of planets in one House is creating confusion in person because every planet has some specific requests in every house.

7th House is included in a category called Kama (wishes, yearnings, desires). For business, fame and prestige this can actually not be so bad – if the dignity is right in that way. A person with that should go out in public whenever possible. But concerning marriage, that planet is generally not good in 7th house, as all of them create specific projections in connection with their partners and marriage. It is very important to have Lord of 7th house in good dignity and Karakas (Venus, women + Jupiter), and no negative impacts of Malefic, in order to have a happy marriage. This should also not to be taken for general, always before it is needed to look from the Moon natal chart planetary period, Navammsa D9, Nakshatra to be able to clearly see the detailed field of marriage.

Hope this Blog post Effects of Different planets in the 7th house are explained and if you get any questions and queries you need to Book an Appointment with us for Remedies

Note: You Need to Consider other placements of Planets as well its a rough sketch of planets and results, so dont treat it as final judgement of your Rashi chart.

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